Marvel nerds have already been anticipating the Marvel Land coming to Disneyland, the first of its kind at a Disney park. At D23 Expo 2019, Disney announced tons of new details about the land, but none was bigger than this: The area, called Avengers Campus, will feature the first-ever ride based on The Avengers. And it sounds incredible.

Disney’s Bob Chapek, described the ride as an “E-ticket attraction” where you’ll be able to board an Avengers Quinjet for the very first time. The ride will take guests to Wakanda, and then will allow riders to team up with the Avengers in “an epic battle to save the world.” Concept art showed all the Avengers — including Captain Marvel, Giant-Man, Black Panther, and Hulk — fighting in a massive battle. Here is some of the concept art featured at the panel;

Avengers Campus Attraction at Disneyland

The Avengers ride will open in the second phase of the Avengers Campus area. The first phase, featuring Disney’s first-ever Spider-Man ride, a Doctor Strange experience, and a “Pym Test Kitchen,” all open next year at Disneyland.

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