We now know that Warner Bros. and DC will be focusing on a Batman and Superman team-up movie next, instead of a traditional sequel to 'Man of Steel.' Is this the right move?

This was a unique announcement, to be sure. For those of us who were in Hall H when Zack Snyder and Harry Lennix revealed that Batman/Superman logo, the place erupted in a deafening way. How could any of us resist? This will be the first film to feature both characters, and it's impossible not to feel the geek-meter rise to 11.

But, as can be expected, there's been backlash, too. Folks hoping for a film elaborating on the Superman character established in 'Man of Steel' are feeling a bit cheated; 'Batman and Superman' (as we'll temporarily call it) will almost certainly be too busy with a clash/team-up of the two characters to delve deeper into Supes' mythology.

So what do you think? Is 'Batman and Superman' the DC Comics movie you want to see next, or would you prefer 'Man of Steel 2'?