Much like how fans are pining for Wolverine and Spider-Man to team up with the Avengers in a cinematic blowout, so too are they hoping for a Superman and Batman crossover. A while ago, back when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was rumored to star as the Dark Knight in 'Man of Steel 2' or some standalone film in the universe, talk branched off into a possible big-screen team-up for these two heroes. Now sources say that this will actually happen.

Two of the most famous superheroes in DC Comics history, Superman and Batman, will team up on the big screen and 'Man of Steel' director Zack Snyder will be at the helm.

Commencing the Comic-Con 2013 panel presentation for all of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s offerings emerged director Zack Snyder. Everyone in the crowd started screaming ‘Justice League’ as he came up to the mic.

“I know there’s a lot of speculation as to what we’re doing,” Snyder said, before revealing that he’s officially making another Superman movie. Snyder says they're working on the script right now with 'Man of Steel' co-writer David Goyer, wasting no time in getting this movie into production as quickly as possible. Christopher Nolan will executive produce.

The film is currently untitled and Batman has yet to be cast, but they plan on shooting in 2014 for a 2015 release date. With news of 'Flash' and 'Justice League' movies tentatively scheduled for 2016 and 2017, respectively, it looks like Warner Bros. and DC are finally catching up to Marvel.

Harry Lennix, who played General Swanwick in 'Man of Steel,' came out to help reveal plans for the new film and read the closing line from Frank Miller's classic graphic novel, 'The Dark Knight Returns,' in which Batman speaks to Superman. Snyder says, "We’re not adapting this thing, but it is the thing that’ll tell this story," clarifying that they are not adapting 'The Dark Knight Returns,' but the plot of that book and the way Superman and Batman encounter each other has given Snyder and Goyer inspiration to lay the foundation for their story.

And then the screen in Hall H went black, first debuting the Superman logo, and moments later the Batman signal emerging behind it. This is kind of a big deal.

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