The pop-culture mavens at Vulture run an occasional video series called Vulture Remix, in which they use the magic of creative editing to refashion movies, TV, or music in their own image. The best of them reframe a current property in a bygone and altogether more apropos milieu, such as Magic Mike XXL in sleazy '70s grindhouses, or the new Fantastic 4 as a mid-'90s direct-to-video Z-movie. (Others force cartoon characters to sing top 40 hits.) On occasion, they reveal a fun and even sorta clever insight about the work at hand, sussing out influences and drawing critical comparisons through the example of the moving image, rather than the written word.

Today they released the latest entry, which reimagines the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a low-tech postwar superhero flick. The video title clocks the date of imaginary-release at 1949, but janky capes-and-tights pictures in the style emulated above filled cineplexes through the '50s, thrilling audiences with their tales of derring-do. If you're so inclined, feel free to interpret the rudimentary writing on display in the video, sampled from the crude superhero films of the era, as a comment on Zack Snyder's capabilities as a stylist of dialogue. If not, simply sit back and enjoy the skill with which bits and pieces of old-timey Batman and Superman flicks have been stitched together to create something new. Post-modernism is fun!