By now, you may have heard that Battlefield 4 will be coming to us in October and will even make it onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But just to sweeten the pot and make the game more enticing, EA will be giving fans who pre-order a free download of the China Rising expansion pack.

This add-on for Battlefield 4 will be available at the outset, and gives players access to four huge multiplayer maps spread across the Chinese mainland. It will also feature all-new vehicles and high-tech gadgetry for use in the chaotic action on the field.

If you pre-order the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe version exclusively on Origin, you'll receive the game proper, a few bonus in-game items, the China Rising expansion, and access to the Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta.

Battlefield 4 will be released on October 29th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions currently have no set release dates, but we'll update you as more information becomes available.

Will you be pre-ordering early to snag this expansion pack for free? Sound off in the comments.