Tim Burton's 1988 horror comedy 'Beetlejuice' starred Michael Keaton as the ghost with the most, a terrible presence bent on tormenting the souls of the living (hilariously, of course). 25 years later, we take a look back on a film from Burton's hey-day and see what the cast is up to now.

Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice

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Then: Tim Burton originally wanted Sammy Davis Jr. to play the role of the prankster ghost, but studio executives suggested Michal Keaton instead. Burton was doubtful, but once he met with Keaton, he knew he found his guy.

Now: Keaton reunited with Burton for both 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns.' He stars in the upcoming films 'RoboCop' and 'Birdman.' Keaton still considers 'Beetlejuice' to be his favorite role, even though he only appeared on screen for 17 minutes.

Alec Baldwin, Adam Maitland

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Then: Heartthrob Alec Baldwin played Adam Maitland, one half of the married couple who die and try to figure out how to haunt their home's new inhabitants.

Now: Baldwin recently ended his run on the sitcom '30 Rock,' and often threatens to retire from acting. He can be seen next in Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine,' his second film with the director in as many years.

Geena Davis, Barbara Maitland

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Then: Geena Davis was one of the first actors to sign on for 'Beetlejuice' (along with Ryder and O'Hara), while the other actors took some convincing. Davis played Barbara, Adam's wife.

Now: Davis doesn't act much anymore, and her last credited appearance was on two episodes of the series 'Coma.' In addition to acting, Davis is an archer, and was one of 300 female finalists competing for a spot at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Davis is also an activist, and launched the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media in 2007, which tracks gender equality statistics in entertainment.

Winona Ryder, Lydia Deetz

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Then: Burton cast Winona Ryder as angsty teen Lydia Deetz after seeing her performance in 'Lucas.'

Now: Ryder has worked with Burton two more times -- first on 'Edward Scissorhands,' and again more recently for the animated film 'Frankenweenie.' Ryder also recently starred in 'The Iceman' with Michael Shannon.

Catherine O'Hara, Delia Deetz

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Then: Catherine O'Hara played the artsy and quirky Delia Deetz, mother of Lydia. Along with co-star Jeffrey Jones, it was her idea to use the Calypso music at the famous dinner scene. O'Hara actually replaced Anjelica Huston, who had to drop out of the film due to an illness, and it was on the set of 'Beetlejuice' that O'Hara met her husband, production designer Bo Welch.

Now: O'Hara is known best for her work with writer/director Christopher Guest, and has appeared in several of his films, including 'Best in Show' and 'For Your Consideration.' She guest-starred on '30 Rock' with 'Beetlejuice' co-star Alec Baldwin, and can be seen next in the film 'A.C.O.D.' with Amy Poehler.

Jeffrey Jones, Charles Deetz

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Then: Jeffrey Jones, best known for his role as the principal in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off,' played Charles Deetz, husband of Delia and father to Lydia.

Now: Jones went on to star in ‘Mom and Dad Save the World,’ ‘Stay Tuned’ and Tim Burton’s ‘Sleepy Hollow.’ He got himself into trouble with the law in 2002 for inducing a minor to pose for explicit photos, and slipped up again in 2010 when he failed to update his sex offender registry, landing him three years of probation. He hasn’t starred in a film since 2007′s ‘Who’s Your Caddy?’ and his last high-profile role was as A.W. Merrick on ‘Deadwood.’

Patrice Martinez, Receptionist

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Then: London stage actress and 'Three Amigos' star Patrice Martinez played the receptionist on "the other side," a beauty queen who committed suicide.

Now: Martinez went on to star in the '90s television series 'Zorro,' and made a guest appearance on the new version in 2011.