The calendar on our desks still read August, but our hearts and minds are already looking ahead to the Fall, when the weather cools off and the movies once again contain more dialogue than explosions. Before we bid a fond adieu to blockbuster season, though, it’s time to take a look and celebrate the best and worst of summer of 2015.

Here at ScreenCrush we have our own favorites and flops, but we want your opinion. What movies made the biggest impact on your summer? Which actors gave performances that stuck with you? Was Fantastic Four the worst movie of the the summer or the worst thing ever in the history of mankind? What franchises most deserve new installments in future years? And speaking of future years, what 2016 blockbuster are you most looking forward to right now? Let your voice be heard and vote in our polls below.

Voting closes on August 24 at 9AM ET, so get your picks in early and often. The winners will be showered with praise; the losers will receive a harsh rebuke they shan’t forget for a long time. We’ll reveal the full results of all the polls (along with our own picks for the best and worst of summer 2015) next week! Until then, keep the windows closed and the A/C cranked. It’s still mighty hot out there.

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