The second season of AMC’s Better Call Saul put the devil in the details to slyly confirm one major Breaking Bad return, but how many should we expect for Season 3? At least one more, according to Bryan Cranston, but perhaps not who you’re thinking.

Cranston implied as much during a stop on his book tour for autobiography A Life In Parts (via UPROXX), explaining that he’d visited the set a few days prior. It’s still too early to consider a pre-cancer Walter White dropping by, but we can expect “another new character coming on the show that you will recognize.”

Before you ask, Cranston was quickly made to correct that he didn’t mean Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Fring, or Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman. Fring is at least expected to pop up in Season 3, however, as the titles of Season 3 episodes cleverly managed to spell out “FRINGSBACK,” something co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould owned up to.

Cranston doesn’t appear to have lifted his hesitation to direct an episode of Better Call Saul Season 3, but who from Breaking Bad might pop up in 2017? Might we finally get that Marie cameo, or perhaps even Hank?

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