You didn't think Disney and Marvel would team up for an animated superhero film and not deliver at least a few hidden surprises, did you? While it's not directly tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there will still be some Easter eggs for comic book fans in 'Big Hero 6,' according to the film's directors, who also tipped fans off on where to find them.

In an interview with /Film, 'Big Hero 6' directors Don Hall and Chris Williams discussed their upcoming movie, about young prodigy Hiro Hamada, who develops a special bond with the over-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and the super-team of high tech heroes they assemble to overcome a serious threat. When asked if fans could expect to see any Marvel Easter eggs in the film, Williams and Hall admitted that there are some -- in fact, once they got the OK from Marvel, their artists may have gotten carried away:

Williams: Well, I will say we generally have a lot of Easter eggs in this movie to the point that we had to really tell our artists to knock it off. Because, you know, everyone wants to place stuff. We grew up loving Marvel movies. We, of course, grew up loving animated movies. And now we have a potential to sort of place these things. But it got to the point where Don and I are feeling like this is getting to be too much, too distracting. So we stopped them and then actually pulled a couple things out.

Hall: Marvel was actually pretty cool and gave us like the, you know, the nod to put a few…

Williams: Very obscure.

Hall: I would say Z level characters in the movie. As little Easter eggs. And they’re in Fred’s room. So it might be a good place to look.

The Fred character Hall is referring to is voiced by T.J. Miller, and in the film he's the comic book geek kid, so he'd be the one who owns things like action figures -- definitely giving the artists tons of room to play with inserting some fun Marvel characters. And it's pretty awesome that the guys chose to pick more obscure comic book heroes instead of bigger names.

We can't wait to see who some of these "Z level characters" are when 'Big Hero 6' hits theaters on November 7.