We love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can’t imagine a cinematic universe without it. Most of the movies are good, a few are absolutely great, and the future, even with half the universe dead (#RIP) looks really bright. Bring on Avengers 4, bring on Captain Marvel, bring on Spider-Man: Far From Home. We’re fully ready.

But ... there had to be a but, right? ... the MCU ain’t perfect. Over the course of 20 movies, the men and women at Marvel Studios have made their share of mistakes. In our latest video, Ryan Arey counts down the ten biggest disappointments in the MCU so far. Some are tied to specific movies. Others are more general points about characters who haven’t lived up to their comic-book counterparts (like the Mandarin) or fully exploited their potential for really epic stories (like Tony Stark — sorry RDJr., it’s true). But they’re all here in the video above.

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