Note to self: Driving while blindfolded might not be the safest of choices.

For important evidence and reinforcement of this seemingly basic concept, see the tweet below and a follow-up article from

The full story, via Fox:

Lt. Travis Lyman, Layton Police, said the 17-year-old girl driving the pickup truck was with a 16-year-old boy when she decided to attempt the "Bird Box Challenge" and used a beanie as an impromptu blindfold. The driver veered into oncoming traffic and struck a passenger car. ‘Honestly I’m almost embarrassed to have to say ‘Don’t drive with your eyes covered’ but you know apparently we do have to say that,’ Lyman said.

These ludicrous challenges have been inspired (but not encouraged) by the Netflix movie Bird Box, in which Sandra Bullock must embark on a journey totally blindfolded in order to protect herself from monsters who drive anyone who looks at them to suicide. Enthusiastic fans have started doing things blindfolded as “Bird Box Challenges.” Most are harmless. But a few — like, oh I don’t know, trying to drive while wearing a freaking blindfolded — are quite hazardous and should never be attempted under any circumstances.

To recap: Do watch Netflix. Do watch Bird Box. Do not try this at home. Especially in a speeding vehicle.

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