Well, this had to happen eventually.  For five episodes of 'Boardwalk Empire's third season now, we've watched as Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol) seemed ever more subtly unhinged after the death disappearance of her son Jimmy, but it looks like the sh*t's about to hit the mattress.  One of the latest clips from Sunday's "Ging Gang Goolie" features the erstwhile madame chatting up a gentleman that looks suspiciously like Jimmy Darmody, and well...eww.  See for yourself.

'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 gets ready to unleash its midpoint in Sunday's 'Ging Gang Goolie,' and it looks like things in Atlantic City are about to get as creepy as they are tense.  The dust has certainly not settled on Gyp Rosetti's attempted murder, and that horrifically gross scene from "You'd Be Surprised" but from the clip below it seems that Gillian Darmody will get a bit of spotlight in the coming episode.  Flirting with a stranger resembling her own son?  Yeesh.

Elsewhere, Nucky still has plenty of political intrigue and indictments to fend off from Harry Daugherty (Christopher McDonald), but doesn't he have enough on his plate already?  Only halfway through the season, and it seems like just about everyone has a grisly end in their future.

Check out the clips from Sunday's "Ging Gang Goolie" below, and tell us what you think of the new season of 'Boardwalk Empire' in the comments!