For all the shocking events that concluded 'Boardwalk Empire's landmark second season, the departure of one particular character went largely overlooked.  So with Michael Shannon's Nelson Van Alden setting up shop in Cicero, Chicago, well known as the eventual stomping grounds of Al Capone, might he run afoul of the law himself?  And what new character will have "ice-water in his veins", according to clips from the September 16 premiere "Resolution?"

While 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 readies to pour out its premiere on Sunday, September 16, HBO has issued a plethora of new clips from the upcoming run of episodes.  A few in particular caught our eye, one of which teases that the largely law-abiding Nelson Van Alden might fully turn crook in his life out on the run, while the other showcases the new menace literally staring down Nucky Thompson!

In the first clip from September 16 premiere "Resolution," Al Capone (Stephen Graham) angrily confronts a fellow mobster on his own turf, only to be interrupted by the timely arrival of a suitcase-wielding Van Alden!  Van Alden doesn't initially seem to know what's going on, but quickly plays along into intimidating Capone out of the flower shop.  Might the former lawman be breaking bad by playing with the opposite side?

And speaking of bad, the second clip from Sunday's all-new episode introduces new mobster Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Canavale) a towering figure whose height seems diametrically opposed with his short temper.  Might Gyp be Nucky's biggest enemy, now that Jimmy Darmody has fallen by the wayside?  And what about his poor pooch?

Check out the new clips from 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 below, and tell us if you're ready for the September 16 premiere in the comments beneath!