We imagine there are going to be quite a few eyes this Sunday on a certain...other...program beside 'Boardwalk Empire,' though it stands to reason that 'Boardwalk' might come up once or twice.  Regardless, this Sunday will see the second episode of 'Boardwalk Empire's third season, an already explosive venture as new gangster Gyp Rosetti lights his short fuse all across town to wages war on Nucky Thompson.  So what do the new clips reveal, and where's Chalky White been all this time?

Courtesy of HBO, we've gotten our first look at two new clips from 'Boardwalk Empire's third season, straight from episode 2 "Spaghetti & Coffee."  Both of the new scenes seethe with tension as Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Canavale) looks to go off his short temper again, while Chalky White (Michael K. Williams) entertains a guest.

In the first clip, Gyp Rosetti asks a local man for directions as he pours over a map, and nearly goes off on the young gas station attendant for correcting him on the proper term for a map scale.  Sheesh, what doesn't set that guy off?  Meanwhile back in Atlantic City, Chalky gets a terse physical exam from his daughter's young paramour, but what does the examination reveal about the gangster's health?

You can catch the clips below, and be sure to check out 'Boardwalk Empire's "Spaghetti & Coffee" Sunday night!