'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 put in something of a quieter hour this week with "Ging Gang Goolie," as Bobby Canavale's Gyp Rosetti stayed out of the proceedings and Tabor Heights altogether after the tense climax of "You'd Be Surprised."  But even with Rosetti licking his wounds, Gyp isn't going to stay out of the picture for long, as this week's "Sunday Best" will show off a bit of his home life!  Plus, what does Eli beg of his brother Nucky in the newest clip?

'Boardwalk Empire' continues past the midway point with this Sunday's all-new installment "Sunday Best," as Gyp Rosetti looks for aid in his quest for revenge against Nucky and all those who nearly killed him, while Nucky himself continues to work things out with his disgraced brother Eli.  Will yet another major character find themselves a bloody pile on the floor before the hour is out?

In the first look from HBO below, Eli and Nucky share a tense conversation as the younger Thompson sibling makes a daring request of his brother, while in the second look, Gyp Rosetti regroups with his Italian family at home.  From the looks of things, it's not hard to put together where Gyp developed such a short fuse, but will it get him into more trouble by going after Nucky again?

Watch the all-new clips from 'Boardwalk Empire's Sunday episode "Sunday Best" (heh), and give us your predictions for the hour in the comments!