How very rare that when we get to describe the ending to a TV episode as explosive, we mean it literally!  'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 has quite a few pieces to pick up in the wake of this past Sunday's "The Pony," but Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale) seems to be the one calling the shots for now.  Gyp has moved in on Tabor Heights once more and made a big power play to take Nucky out of the picture, but what do the latest clips reveal about his plan?

If main character status assures Nucky Thompson's survival this season of 'Boardwalk Empire,' Gyp Rosetti will undoubtedly have hell to pay at his hands.  The gangster made yet another failed attempt on the former Atlantic City treasurer's life, destroying Babette's and taking Nucky's beloved Billie Kent out in the process.  Gyp may be sitting pretty for now, calling the shots in Tabor Heights, but vengeance is a-comin'.

Elsewhere, George Remus has comeuppance of his own to deal with, as Nucky begins to enact his plan to get rid of Harry Daugherty by going after George Remus first.  In his own words and perspective, Remus isn't going to like this.  But what's everybody else up to this week?

Check out the latest clips from Sunday's all-new 'Boardwalk Empire' episode "The Milkmaid's Lot" below, and give us your predictions how it all will end in the comments!