“Critics are the worst,” opines critical darling BoJack Horseman in the first official Season 3 footage of his summer return, now set for a July Netflix bow. He may be right, but that won’t stop us from lining up to fawn over the animated dramedy’s star-studded return.

Netflix released the first official teaser for BoJack Horseman Season 3, in the process confirming that all episodes would bow on Friday, July 22. True to its blend of crass humor and melancholy, the spot also strikes a perfect balance of reviews praising its nuanced take on depression, with BoJack subsequently telling said critics to “eat a flat butt.”

So reads the official synopsis:

BoJack is grappling with his legacy while trudging through an increasingly turbulent Oscar campaign for his star-making turn in the Secretariat biopic. BoJack struggles with how he’ll ultimately be remembered by his fans and what lasting impact he’s made on those closest to him. Also, there are lots of silly puns and talking animal jokes and celebrity cameos and all the other stuff that everybody loves about BoJack Horseman. It’s a very funny and good season of television. Don’t worry.

The series has yet to confirm Season 3 guest stars, but will of course feature the returns of Will Arnett as BoJack, Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul as Todd, and Community favorite Alison Brie as Diane. Other voices include Paul F. Thompkins, Amy Sedaris, Patton Oswalt, Olivia Wilde, Lisa Kudrow and countless others.

We’ll see what else shakes out in the coming weeks, but what should BoJack Horseman bring in Season 3, beyond the requisite flat butts?