Paul Greengrass’ upcoming fifth installment in the Bourne franchise continues to grow an impressive cast. Joining a returning Matt Damon are Julia Stiles and Alicia Vikander, while Viggo Mortensen was recently rumored to be in talks for a role as well. The latest big name to join the lineup is legendary actor and career curmudgeon Tommy Lee Jones.

Variety reports that Jones has joined the cast of the new, untitled Bourne project, and while details are currently scarce, he’ll reportedly play a high-ranking CIA officer — which should afford him plenty of opportunities to scowl and glare at Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne. Previous Bourne films have cast actors like Edward Norton and Brian Cox in similar roles.

Damon previously departed the Bourne franchise, declaring that he’d only return if Greengrass came back and they had a great idea for another outing. Also returning is Julia Stiles, who played Nicky Parsons in the prior films. Ex Machina’s breakout star Alicia Vikander is also starring in the film, while Viggo Mortensen has been rumored for an antagonist role.

We don’t know much about the film just yet — Damon left the series after the third film, while Jeremy Renner stepped into the role of Aaron Cross for The Bourne Legacy, an attempt to introduce a new character to the franchise who would replace Jason Bourne. We’ve been assured that Renner’s Cross will return in another film, but he will not appear in Bourne 5 (a potential crossover has also been teased).

Bourne 5 hits theaters on July 29, 2016.

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