Amid all the major blockbusters and new superhero movies we’re excited about this year, there’s one film we’re looking forward to that’s a little different: Cameron Crowe’s latest film which stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, and was previously operating under “Untitled Hawaiian Project” during production. Crowe’s latest effort, which hits theaters in late spring, has now been given the appropriate title of ‘Aloha.’

Variety reports the title for Crowe’s new film, a rom-com which features Bradley Cooper once again playing a military man—this time he’s a contractor who finds his long-lost love while simultaneously falling head over heels for an “Air Force watchdog.” Bill Murray co-stars as a billionaire who’s building an advanced satellite system because sure, why not.

‘Aloha’ was previously tentatively titled ‘Deep Tiki’ and ‘Volcano Romance,’ which both have some serious throwback ‘80s vibes, but ‘Aloha’ sounds pleasantly simple and appropriate, given the Hawaiian setting. The rest of the film’s excellent cast includes Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, Jay Baruchel, and John Krasinski.

The film is Crowe’s follow-up to the nice but underwhelming ‘We Bought a Zoo,’ and makes it way into theaters on May 29, where it will open against Dwayne Johnson’s new action film, ‘San Andreas.’