For the most part, the 'Captain America 2' that audiences see around the world will be the same. But, there will be one small, but notable, change that eagle eye viewers will be able to catch.

Early on in the film, Captain America crosses paths with Sam Wilson (aka, Falcon) as they're out jogging around Washington, DC. Wilson recommends some music to Steve Rogers that he may have missed during his deep freeze (specifically, Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man"), and Cap adds it to a list he's keeping.

In the United States, this list includes:

Captain America 2 to do list

It's a fun, little moment interesting for a few things. Cap has seen 'Star Wars' but isn't quite sure about 'Rocky II'. But, audiences around the world are going to get their own special versions of Cap's to-do list, with some local flavor added in. Here's the list that was included in the movie for UK audiences:

Captain America 2 to do list UK

Gone are Steve Jobs and 'I Love Lucy' and disco. In its place are Sean Connery, The Beatles, the 1966 World Cup final (England beat Germany 4-2) and the new BBC version of 'Sherlock'. It's also to note that the British version of Captain America has much neater penmanship.

There are reportedly other version of this list for other major international territories and we'll report back on those as we hear more about them.

UPDATE: According to Slashfilm, "Aussies have AC/DC, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and Steve Irwin added to the list, while Koreans get Ji Sung Park, Oldboy, Dance Dance Revolution, and Oldboy. French fans see the 1998 World Cup and The Fifth Element, among other things."

'Captain America 2' is in UK theaters now and opens in the U.S. on April 4.

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