The following post contains SPOILERS — both real and hilariously fake ones that got widely shared online even though they were untrue — for Captain America: Civil War.

False rumors assemble!

The months and years leading up to a major superhero franchise are marked by an endless parade of rumors, spoilers, and scoops, a few of them accurate, most of them wildly and sometimes comically false. Previously, I’ve compiled dozens of phony rumors about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Today, it’s all about Captain America: Civil War.

Get ready for 40 different false rumors about Marvel’s latest mega-blockbuster, many of which were printed (and reprinted and reprinted) online along with some variation of the phrase “take this news with a grain of salt.” If this trend continues, the movie journalism industry will be singlehandedly responsible for a worldwide salt shortage.

Sadly, I suspect the salt shaker will be refilled for maximum grain-taking before Suicide Squad opens in August. Until then, here are 40 false rumors about Civil War — unless I fell asleep and missed the scene where Crossbones kills Hawkeye’s entire family (and then Hawkeye kills Crossbones with four arrows).

40 Captain America: Civil War Rumors That Turned Out to Be Completely False

1. “Captain America 3 will likely avoid Marvel’s Civil War.” — We Got This Covered

2. “Captain America will be dying at the end of Civil War.” — That Hashtag Show

3. “Crossbones will kill Steve Rogers by the end of the movie.” —

4. “Hawkeye’s wife totally gets killed by Crossbones.” — Movie Pilot

5. “Hawkeye fights Crossbones and kills him with four arrows, one for each of his dead family members.” — Comic Book Movie

6. “Bucky Barnes takes on the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers is apparently killed.” —

7. “Cap decides to surrender, but entrusts his shield to Bucky, so he can always remember who he really is: a hero.” — Comic Book Movie

8. “[Bucky will] start a little romance with Black Widow.” — Fashion & Style

9. “The plan for Captain America: Civil War is to bookmark the movie with funeral scenes, one at the beginning and one at the end.” — Point of Geeks

10. “The Russos shot three death scenes… War Machine, Scarlet Witch, and the Falcon.” — That Hashtag Show

11. “One scene was shot three ways, involving three MCU characters individually picking up Cap’s shield at the end, leaving an opening… for a new beginning … The three characters that were shot picking up Captain America’s shield … are Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) a.k.a. Agent 13, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) a.k.a. The Falcon.” — Point of Geeks

12. “Steve Rogers may wield Thor’s hammer.” — International Business Times

13. “The movie opens with [the Avengers] busting a drug deal and recovering some Vibranium-based weaponry.” — Comic Book Movie

14. “[Tony] Stark will be the one responsible for creating Spidey’s web shooters.”— Latino Review

15. “Tom Holland may wear the Iron Spider Armor costume that was used in the Civil War Marvel Comics comic book event.” — Cosmic Book News

16. “Spider-Man confides with Stark his secret identity, and Stark is surprised to learn he’s just a boy … Peter mentions Uncle Ben and his mantra that ‘With great powers, come great responsibilities.’” — Comic Book Movie

17. “[Nick] Fury drops by to share some info on Bucky.” — Comic Book Movie

18. “Gwyneth Paltrow will appear in Captain America: Civil War.” — Empire

19. “Maria Hill is outed as a mole.” — Comic Book Movie

20. “The Vision will jump over to Cap’s team.” — That Hashtag Show

21. “The Vision will be leaving Earth for space.” — That Hashtag Show

22. “It’s believed that the events of the war among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will lead to Tony Stark deciding to leave the planet.” — We Got This Covered

23. “Perhaps this movie could even be used to send Hulk … into space.” — Screenrant

24. “I’m in Captain America dammit.” — Mark Ruffalo

25. “Another [Red] Hulk will be joining Banner in the MCU.” — We Are Wakanda

26. “It’s easy to assume that She-Hulk [will] debut.” — Tech Times

27. “Ulysses Klaw (Andy Serkis) [is] expected to appear.” — Punch Drunk Critics

28. “Martin Freeman is playing a character named Edward Chase, the Prime Minister of England in the MCU.” — Latino Review

29. “The UN believes Vibranium to be a dangerous resource and wants to oversee its mining and safekeeping, but T’Challa defends it belongs to his people.” — Comic Book Movie

30. “Stark reports to his superiors about the Hydra stealing Vibranium from Wakanda to produce weapons. T’Challa assures that they’ll handle it on their own.” — Comic Book Movie

31. “[Crossbones will] be swayed towards becoming the second Red Skull.” — Screenrant

32. “Baron Zemo (portrayed by Daniel Brühl) is no random villain, and is actually a setup for Red Skull’s return.” — Screenrant

33. “Meanwhile, in Hydra’s main lair, Zemo kills people who have failed him. Crossbones is there.” — Comic Book Movie

34. “Henry Peter Gyrich makes it into the movie.” — Movie Pilot

35. “Most of [Bucky’s] sub-plot [involves] him assassinating Hydra figures around the world.” — Movie Pilot

36. “T’Challa intervenes and volunteers to assist them in stopping Hydra because he wants peace between his father’s country and the United Nations.” — Comic Book Movie

37. “Hydra is the main villain.” — Heroic Universe

38. “Cap and Bucky tag-team Zemo and his Vibranium sword, but Zemo still kicks a lot of ass while rambling about his ideals.” — Comic Book Movie

39. “Cap will finally add his trademark chainmail armor to his suit.” —

40. “Thanos [will] have a cameo.” — Chinatopix

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