The tragic Friday events of Paris’ terrorist attacks made impact on a number of TV series, including SNL’s sympathetic cold open, while CBS will next alter its programming out of respect. Both Supergirl and NCIS: LA will shuffle their episode orders, the Monday episodes of which featured content disturbingly similar to the awful attacks.

Per TVLine, Supergirl will air the November 23 episode “Livewire” instead of its original November 16 outing “How Does She Do It?,” a decisions made “out of sensitivity and respect to the events that occurred.” The original episode saw Kara dealing with a series of bombings around National City, as seen in early clips of the episode.

Not only that, but the NCIS: Los Angeles episode intended for Monday, “Defectors,” featured ISIS recruiting young women. Instead, the series will air its December 7 installment, “The Long Goodbye.” Altering episodes in reflection of current events is nothing new, something recently seen when USA breakout Mr. Robot delayed its finale a week, following ill-timed content reflective of the on-air shootings that took place in Virginia earlier this year.

The changes to either CBS program will prove minimal, and nothing against the horrific toll taken on France by these senseless acts.

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