Parents and their kids in the U.S. may have been watching censored versions of the popular cartoon, Bluey and not have even known.

The Australian animated show has been continues to be a hit in the U.S. thanks to its availability on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Why Has Bluey Been Censored In the U.S.?

According to information recently shared by Kidspot, there are at least seven Bluey episodes on Disney+ that are edited versions of the Australian originals.

“Some scenes have been censored or edited on Disney+ in order to comply with U.S. television standards and practices,” the article states. “That means some jokes and innuendoes have been removed or altered as they're deemed ‘inappropriate.’”

Scenes indicated as being edited by Kidspot include one with a character on a toilet, another that mentions farting and also an episode where a dog implies he will have a vasectomy.

The main source of info for the article is TikTok account @world.shaker.

The dad and Bluey expert has been breaking down episodes of the show since last year, and has created a comparison of the U.S. and Australian versions of the show.

“I genuinely don't get this level of censorship,” he says in one video. “It‘s silly.”

Some Bluey Episodes Have Been Banned Completely

An article posted on earlier this year contends there are way more than seven episodes of Bluey that have been censored for the American audience.

The website has compiled a list of 16 episodes that have been either censored or banned altogether in the U.S. Fatherly's list includes an episode where a sports fan says the team will “flog” their opponents and another where “Jack seems to act like a child with ADHD.”

According to Fatherly, there have been instances where a ban has been lifted on the U.S.-version of an episode, “but so far, that has only happened once or twice.”

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