Isn't love supposed to be "a many splendored thing"? Not in Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan's latest, an anti-rom-com titled 'A Many Splintered Thing,' which is being likened to 'Amelie' and '(500) Days of Summer.'

The Playlist reports that Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan have signed on to lead the anti-rom-com (so... hateful drama? Sad movie about sad things?) 'A Many Splintered Thing,' being produced by McG's Wonderland Sound & Vision. Maybe there will be slow-mo action and everything will be candy colored and there will be a hip soundtrack!

In the film, Evans plays a guy who has been disillusioned by love, but is charmed by a young woman at a charity dinner. He pretends to be a philanthropist in order to meet her, but discovers she has a fiance, and he doesn't like her dating around -- um, obviously. But the guy loves a challenge and his group of friends, described as "eclectic" (oh boy), encourage him to continue pursuing her. He decides to settle for keeping their relationship platonic, just so he can stay in her life. Because that doesn't sound like depressing stalker behavior at all.

That doesn't sound too promising, but the film was on the notable Black List last year. Director Justin Reardon will make his debut based on a script by Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair.