Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy helped pave the way for the current wave of superhero film mania by introducing audiences to a different kind of superhero film: one that was darker and more serious, and a bit more cinematic than some of the cornier predecessors. But would Nolan, whose sci-fi drama 'Interstellar' hits theaters this month, ever return to the genre? You might think not, but then you might be wrong. In a recent interview, Nolan answered that question, and talked about his relationship with Warner Bros., and being asked to produce a Batman reboot and the 'Justice League' film.

Nolan certainly helped pave the way for what's going on over at Warner Bros. with their upcoming slate of DC films, and he helped influence -- for better or worse -- the grittier superhero and comic book films we see. His last Batman film, 'The Dark Knight Rises,' was divisive even among hardcore fans, and since then we've been excited to see what he would do once he got back to original filmmaking.

Would Nolan ever return to make another superhero film after dedicating so many years to making his Batman trilogy? In this interview with Time Out, he doesn't rule it out:

I think I had a great experience with the superhero genre and got to explore a lot of things, but it was a good decade of my life and I find it hard to imagine returning to it. But never say never.

Nolan was involved as a producer on Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel,' and is credited as an executive producer on 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,' but he won't be involved in any of the studio's other DC adaptations moving forward -- not that they haven't pursued him. The Wall Street Journal reported that Warner Bros. sought after Nolan to produce a reboot of Batman and to produce the 'Justice League' film, but he declined, which is perhaps for the best:

Retaining Mr. Nolan for its key franchises has been a top priority at Warner. One of the reasons its slate of DC superhero films have rolled out more slowly than rival Marvel’s comic-book movies was the studio’s lengthy pursuit of him to produce a Justice League film and Batman reboot. He declined, though he did produce last year’s Superman movie Man of Steel.

We're interested to see Nolan continue to work on his own original projects for the time being. 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' remain great films and prove he can make a good superhero movie, but we're not sure we'd want to see him return to make another one again for a while. What do you guys think? If Nolan did make another superhero film, which superhero would you like to see him tackle?

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