Yesterday we featured a pretty classic Catwoman, and today we've got an equally traditional Batman courtesy of one serious cosplayer.

Bob Gouveia from Massachusetts put together this awesome Batman cosplay, taking a page straight from the comic book version of the caped crusader. Bob's costume is simple and direct: a gray suit, utility belt, and black cowl and cape, but he didn't forget the important stuff, like the gauntlets and mask details.

The photos come courtesy of photographer Bill Hicks, who photographed Bob as Batman in dark alleys with lots of shadow for added intensity. Batman Bob looks like he could probably kick some serious criminal ass on the streets of Gotham.

Cosplay doesn't have to be all hyper-detailed and intricate -- sometimes the best costumes are those that are the most simple, and often are the most difficult to pull off, but Bob's totally nailed the look of Batman as well as Batman's actual look. You know, that scowling, out for vigilante justice look.

Check out some photos of Bob as Batman below, or head over to his Facebook page for more!

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