This beautiful cosplayer recreated one of the most memorable comic book pics of Mary Jane Watson from 'Spider-Man', and that's nothing to frown about.

Stacey Rebecca is an alt-model (think tattoos and piercings) from England who took some rather striking photos for Paranoid Android photography -- no, no, these aren't your typical alt-model pics, even if they do skew on the racy side.

Stacey emulated Spider-Man/Peter Parker girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and one of our favorite drawings of the red-headed comic lady with this cosplay, in which she wears a cut-up Spider-Man t-shirt and sits on a couch looking all sad with her cup of tea because Spider-Man is out there fighting bad guys instead of keeping her company. And like, why would you not keep Mary Jane company, especially when she's wearing something like that? She had the decency to wear a shirt with your face (mask, but still) on it, and you just leave her to go risk your life? Spider-Man is such a jerk, guys.

Check out several photos of Stacey Rebecca below, including a couple in which she ditches the old, torn-up jeans. Who needs pants anyway?

All photos courtesy Paranoid Android Photography

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