We've gotta hand it to this daring and innovative cosplayer who tackled one of the trickiest characters to emulate: 'X-Men: First Class' mutant Mystique.

It's no easy feat at all -- at all -- to cosplay as Mystique. The actresses who have played her in film have complained about the painstaking makeup process, so tackling this blue-skinned mutant is a job for only the most creative and brave cosplayers.

Kelly Jane from the UK met the challenge head-on with the help of some very awesome makeup and her amazing application skills. While the costume was commissioned, we still think Kelly Jane deserves a standing ovation for creating the wig and doing all the makeup by herself. She also got a couple of friends to dress as Magneto and Professor X and pose with her at a comic convention last year -- and man, those guys really nailed it, too. Professor X is a dead ringer for the real deal!

Kelly Jane does a lot of great cosplays over at her DeviantArt page, including video game and anime characters, and she's also cosplayed as another 'X-Men' mainstay, Rogue. Check her out below and show her some love:

Will Feeley
Will Feeley

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