What's a kid to do when she can't choose which superhero she'd like to cosplay? You just cosplay as the guy that created all of your favorites: Marvel's own superhuman, Stan Lee!

Guys, this is the cutest thing we've seen in cosplay in a while. Bleeding Cool's own Vincent Cracchiolo covered Motor City Comic Con and brought along his daughter Isabella for the ride. Dressed as Stan Lee, it wasn't enough for this little lady to be the best cosplayer there -- she had to go and get a picture taken with her icon, too. Man, how cool is Stan Lee to take pictures with fans? And how much more awesome is America's favorite grandpa for taking a picture with this mini-version of himself? Our hearts! Too much cuteness!

Isabella was also spotted by a Tumblr user elsewhere at the Con, giving us a bonus photo of the little one, throwing her best Spider-Man, web-slinging hand gestures. Not to mention  her dad has a few more on Facebook, where you can also see some of her other cosplay getups.

If these photos aren't enough to make your eyes water, then you're probably an evil robot. Stan Lee will send the X-Men to destroy you in good time. Check out these pics below, and prepare to have your heart melted.

CosmicBrownie, Tumblr
Vincent Cracchiolo, Facebook

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