Dazzler from 'X-Men' is one of the silliest comic book characters ever created, and the only thing sillier is this guy's killer take on the superhero disco queen.

Rule 63 cosplay can be so fun -- we see a lot of women dressing as male characters and doing some really innovative, amazing work, but it's even better when guys take on female characters because it shows us a couple of things. First, they appreciate and admire female characters as much as male characters, and second, these guys aren't afraid of looking silly in the name of fandom.

At Wondercon this year, this cosplaying fella took on Dazzler, who made her first appearance in 'X-Men' during the 'Dark Phoenix Saga.' Dazzler is a disco pop star whose singing voice is her special power -- she uses it to convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams. If that sounds pretty ridiculous, it's because it totally is. In recent years, Dazzler has become a better character, but her original incarnation remains kind of hilarious.

The photo below comes courtesy of Pat Loika, a photographer who spotted this "Man-Dazzler" at Wondercon.

Pat Loika

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