A few weeks ago we heard rumblings that 'Arrow''s forthcoming 'The Flash' spinoff pilot had begun casting for a few reinterpretations of classic DC characters, but the latest reports suggest things might be getting seriously sci-fi. Find out who Grant Gustin's Barry Allen could go up against, and what out-there DC hero could show up as a potential sidekick!

Take these latest casting rumors with a grain of salt, but the latest from Blüdhaven Banter (the same source of casting calls for the West family) suggests that Grant Gustin's Barry Allen character will very likely develop an antagonistic relationship with "Detective Eddie Thawne," very a likely an interpretation of Flash arch-nemesis Professor Zoom! Renamed from his comic origins as time-traveler Eobard Thawne, 'The Flash''s incarnation will instead be a series regular detective transferred to Central City Police Department from Keystone, and who "harbors a dark secret," often taking credit for Barry's work.

Elsewhere, MovieHole claims that DC character Cisco Ramon will also have a regular presence in the series, better known as the somewhat-controversial Latino hero Vibe. The character wouldn't yet have his vibration-based powers, instead operating among his comic roots as a talented mechanical engineer who assists Barry.

Little else is known of the CW’s ‘Flash’ spinoff, though it was decided the character be given his own pilot, rather than return for the 20th installment of ‘Arrow”s second season as originally intended. Gustin may still yet reprise the role in future ‘Arrow’ episodes, though not in any way that would deter the momentum built by its own narrative.

Well, what say you? Could The CW's 'Flash' live up to the standard set by 'Arrow,' even if it goes so far as to include time-traveling villains and more ostentatious DC heroes? How would you like to see The CW build its 'Flash' TV series?