As 'Arrow's first season nears its endpoint on The CW, we've seen dozens of DC references and characters sprinkled across the superhero drama's adaptation of the fictional Starling City. Now, we've learned at least on major group will appear toward the season's end, but which famous DC hero might it herald the arrival of? Is The CW's 'Arrow' playing toward a much more costume-friendly future in season 2?

'Arrow's more grounded take on the classic DC mythology, as well as multiple legal issues prevent the CW drama from utilizing some of its most famous comic book characters, but the series may just have found a backdoor into a major DC superhero. Via executive producer Marc Guggenheim's Twitter account, we've learned that an upcoming episode will feature "Kord Industries" in some capacity, familiar to DC fans as the corporation owned by Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle!

The "Blue Beetle" figure has been through multiple incarnations across the DC universe, but Ted Kord in particular was notable for lacking any real superpowers, largely relying on his strength and smarts. If not a brief appearance this season, might Ted Kord or his vigilante alter-ego appear in 'Arrow's second season?

Nightwing and The Question before, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for more DC teases as 'Arrow' heads toward its first finale in April 24 episode "
Home Invasion,' but in the meantime check out the upcoming Blue Beetle tease below and tell us what heroes you think could appear in the comments!