We certainly hope that The CW's 'Arrow' has a bright (or dark?) future ahead of it, already renewed for a second season and steadily increasing in quality as the first season builds toward its climax with next Wednesday's "The Huntress Returns." Part of the show's ongoing appeal however lies in seeing DC character brought in and adapted for the unique 'Arrow' universe, so what major DC characters do producers hope to introduce in subsequent seasons? Get a glimpse of the future of 'Arrow' inside!

'Arrow' fans have been treated to a wealth of DC comic characters and references across the CW drama's first season, and will likely see even more immersion in the comic world as time goes on. We'll already be treated to returns from comic-adapted characters The Huntress and Count Vertigo in the coming weeks, but what major DC characters do 'Arrow' producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim hope to one day incorporate into the story?

The pair recently sat down with Comic Book Resources to give their ideal picks, acknowledging at least one of them might be a pipe dream. Kreisberg expressed his desire to include the character of Nightwing / Dick Grayson, though Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy and Warner Bros.' future use of the Batman franchise likely rules it out.

"I doubt we'll ever get to that point," says Kreisberg, even as an upcoming episode will see Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) traveling to the oft-mentioned Blüdhaven, Nightwing's comic stomping grounds. "The bat-universe will never coincide with ours, but Nightwing would be my fantasy."

More interesting however was Guggenheim's response that he'd like to include "The Question," a faceless vigilante detective that served as the inspiration for 'Watchmen's Rorschach and was memorably brought to life by 'Star Trek' star Jeffrey Combs in the animated TV series 'Justice League Unlimited.' "The Question, Vic Sage, I would love to tackle him at some point," says Guggenheim. "I think he would fit really well in our little universe. So we talk about him a lot."

'Arrow' has famously eschewed any use of comic-book "superpowers," but even with the "Batman Embargo," Nightwing and The Question would fit in well as vigilantes with differing motivations than Oliver Queen's hooded archer. So what say you? Do you think The Question at least could make it into a future season of 'Arrow?' What realistic DC characters would you like to see appear on The CW?