This coming Friday will see Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil sharing all kinds of company in Hell’s Kitchen, but the Man Without Fear may not play so nice with others, even when it comes to teamup miniseries The Defenders. According to Charlie Cox, Matt’s arrogance is going to be a big obstacle to overcome down the line.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Daredevil star Charlie Cox acknowledged that while Matt himself has no knowledge of the events that precede Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist coming together for the good of New York, his inability to ask for help will make it difficult for the team early on:

Something that’s very tricky for Matt is to allow anyone to help him. He finds it impossible to ask for help, for a number of reasons. One, because he doesn’t want to endanger people that he loves, but also because he has an arrogance, he has a self-confidence and a belief, and I think at times a belief in his own invincibility. Which is false, that he can do it all by himself, and it’s very stubborn at times, very deluded at times.

One of the lessons that he’s going to have to learn this season is that he needs other people, he needs help, we all need help. And hopefully, that will therefore mentally prepare him for what’s coming, which is - and I don’t know what the dynamic of the Defenders will be - but if that is going to be a team-up, then he’s going to have to learn those lessons in Season 2. Hopefully.

We at least know that our third defender Luke Cage will arrive on September 30, while Marvel has yet to set premieres (or really confirm anything) for Iron Fist or The Defenders, let alone a second season of Jessica Jones somewhere down the line.

We’ll see whatever Defenders setup crops up when Daredevil Season 2 premieres on Friday, but how should we expect the four heroes to relate?

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