At this point it's fair to say Marvel is five steps ahead of DC in the movie universe. Marvel built a solid foundation, and inter-weaved their most popular characters together into 'The Avengers,' which has made over a billion dollars worldwide. So what is DC and Warner Bros trying to do? Pummel Marvel to the ground, naturally.

The question is whether the decisions they're making for their movies are the right ones. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are have been on the right track with a couple of their properties. They're just weeks away from the conclusion of director Christopher Nolan's praised Batman trilogy, and they've had plenty of successful runs on television including 'Justice League Unlimited,' 'Teen Titans' and 'Young Justice.'

But what are they hoping to do next once Nolan's trilogy is over with? It's not like they don't already have future plans for the fates of their other characters as they recently moving forward with a 'Justice League' script and are deciding whether to move forward with a 'Green Lantern 2' or just reboot the film without Ryan Reynolds.

But DC is still looking to expand their plate. Sure, they're bringing us a 'Green Lantern' animated series and are churning out 'Arrow' for the CW later on this year (says Variety), but the movie side of things is most concerning for fans.

If DC Entertainment is pushing to get a 'Justice League' movie done right away then it's clear they're not copying all of Marvel's notes. Their actions are obviously affected by 'The Avengers,' but they haven't put in the leg work. What the Marvel universe did, and what Joss Whedon was able to do with combining them all together for one film was a milestone in comic book adapted movies because the main characters were almost all established cinematically in their own films. It showed that it's possible to pull off an event film like this the same way these companies do so with their big summer comic story arcs.

They've been developing Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman movies for what feels like ages. Plenty of fans wonder if these will ever get made, but a number of us are under the impression that they're more than likely to figure out what to do with rebooting Batman before they move forward.But if they want a 'Justice League movie, shouldn't they make those other superhero movies first? Or did 'Green Lantern' scare them off?

Since Nolan's series is done with, and if they are so desperate to reboot as they seem, can we pitch that they should just go ahead with 'Batman Beyond'? Just make sure you hire a solid director and a talented young actor. Emphasis on the talented portion because we don't want no dull Terry McGinnis.

But if they are going to do 'Justice League' before Wonder Woman or Aquaman, can they have the same level of success as 'The Avengers'? Luckily for DC Entertainment they have president Diane Nelson. She's been trying her best to get the movie portion of the company off the ground and we've got 'Justice League,' 'Man of Steel' and even 'Lobo' to look forward to at some point in the future on the big screen. They're making bold moves already and not mimicking Marvel's character meshing.

But after checking out the costumes from 'Green Lantern' and the failed 'Wonder Woman' television pilot, can we ask they make a better effort at making our DC superheroes not look like they're walking into an S&M club? Thanks.