With some major films still on the horizon written and shot before James Gunn stepped in as co-CEO of DC Studios, it's impossible to know what the future of DC movies will look like. Fortunately, Gunn himself hopped onto Twitter to update the general population as to whether or not a complete recast is happening. With films that have long been in development hanging in the balance like The Flash or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it would be rather strange just to scrap everything.

This story is still developing, so there's no final word on the subject. That being said, some wild fan theories have been floating around. Some theories say that only heroes that James Gunn has worked on personally, like The Suicide Squad or Peacemaker will stick around, while others say that the whole DC universe is getting rebooted.

Gunn, on the other hand, was careful to rebuff those claims and point out that he has no intention of recasting the entire DC roster. While of course, it's easy to jump to conclusions after Henry Cavill’s departure from his Superman role, it's important to keep a level head about these kinds of changes. As you can see, the whole slate isn't just going to be wiped clean.

There's no other major news to report at the moment on this matter, but James Gunn did also confirm that Blue Beetle is still slated for release next year.

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