It won't be long until you can get your hands on the new Deadpool game, but now you just have to decide where you're going to purchase it. Luckily for you, the Merc with a Mouth has sent out a press release, letting you know about some retailers' different pre-order incentives.

Nowadays, choosing where to buy a game is almost as important as choosing what console version to get, but the choices are mercifully-limited for the new Deadpool game, allowing you to choose from only three retailers.

Pre-ordering at Best Buy in the US will net you a $5 voucher for ANY Marvel comic book. If you live in Canada, Deadpool's home country, pre-ordering at Best Buy will get you an exclusive Deadpool poster.

Steam and GameStop PC download pre-orders come with downloadable content in the form of The Merc with a Map Pack, which features two new levels, GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower, for both the Challenge and Infinite Modes. You'll also get the D-Pooly and Uncanny X-Force costumes for use in Infinite Mode, along with a Deadpool digital Wallpaper.

Hopefully the choice has been made a little clearer for you. If not, you have until June 25th, 2013 to decide, since that's when Deadpool will make his grand appearance on consoles.

Where will you pre-order? Let us know in the comments below.