As we previously told you, Deadpool has not one, but two post-credits scene. One of them has been shown at the various promotional and press screenings around the company. The other has been kept under wraps, only to be revealed when the film opens in theaters this Friday. But if you absolutely cannot wait another second, we have the details for you right now.


The Deadpool post-credit scene that everyone has seen so far is a clever riff on a classic post-credits scene: Ferris Bueller. If you’ll remember the bit from the end of the John Hughes’ comedy, Ferris comes out of his room and tells the movie audience to leave (“You’re still here? It’s over. Go home.”). In the Deadpool version, he comes out, teases the audience for expecting a look at Deadpool 2 and explains they don’t have the kind of money for that. “What were you expecting? Sam Jackson shows up in an eyepatch?”

The second Deadpool post-credit scene doesn’t stray too far from that setup, but does actually provide the fans some information. “Oh, I can tell you one thing, but it’s a bit of a secret,” Deadpool says after popping back out of Ferris’ bedroom. He then reveals that fan-favorite Cable will be making an appearance in Deadpool 2. He admits they don’t know who will play him yet but suggests either Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren or Keira Knightley. (For good measure, as he’s walking out he gives a “chicka chicka” from Ferris Bueller staple “Oh Yeah”.)

This certainly jives with star Ryan Reynolds’ recent comments that they’re going to explore the X-Men universe more in Deadpool 2 and that “X-Force is my priority. I really want to get that in.”

Cable, the leader of The X-Force (originally the leader of The New Mutants), is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey who was sent into the future. His mutant abilities are inherited from his mother and he has a variety of telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Cable is perhaps best known though for his “techno-organic” body parts like his cybernetic arm and eye, which give him superhuman strength and eye sight, respectively. (For what it’s worth, Cable was also created by Rob Liefeld, the same man behind Deadpool.)

Fox is known to be developing an X-Force movie with Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) writing the script. An appearance in Deadpool 2 could be an interesting and smart way to launch that franchise, which is mostly based on little-known mutants (besides Cable, the rumored lineup includes Domino, Cannonball and Warpath).

Deadpool opens in theaters this Friday.

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