Long-suffering Deadwood fans were granted hope when HBO was reported to start movie production this fall, but there may be another hitch. Star Timothy Olyphant claims “there’s no f—ing way it’s ever going to happen,” regardless of what HBO says.

It was back in November that HBO was said to be nailing down a fall 2018 production date, though no updates have surfaced since. That claim appears never to have reached star Timothy Olyphant, however, who addressed the question during an episode of Watch What Happens Live. The erstwhile Sheriff Seth Bullock acknowledged “They are making an effort, and I’m hopeful,” but subsequently dismissed any assertions the movie would happen soon:

I am hopeful … I’m a huge fan of David Milch. The man means the world to me. It’s one of the most amazing creative experiences I’ve ever been able to be apart of, and I’d love to be … you know when you do these things you really miss the people. It would just be a lovely excuse to get all those people back together … That being said, there’s no f—ing way it’s ever going to happen.

Olyphant subsequently acknowledged his cynicism, as well that “It’s closer to being a reality than it’s ever been.” HBO apparently agrees, telling Entertainment Weekly in response that “We are continuing to try and bring this group of actors together. With varying schedules, it is a challenge, but we are committed to finding a way and making the film.”

That would mean reassembling the cast of Olyphant, Dayton Callie, Kim Dickens, W. Earl Brown, Ian McShane, John Hawkes, Robin Weigert, Anna Gunn, Paula Malcolmson, Molly Parker and more (RIP Ralph Richeson and Powers Boothe). For those who missed out on one of HBO’s earlier hits, Deadwood ran from 2004 to 2006, showcasing the rise of Deadwood, South Dakota from frontier gold prospecting camp to fully-annexed territory.

We’ll likely hear before long whether HBO can make that fall projection, but has Olyphant dashed all hope?

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