Whether hosting the Golden Globes or alienating the Hollywood elite, UK comedian Ricky Gervais seems to be followed by controversy everywhere he goes these days. That controversy has been no less apparent with Gervais' return to starring series with 'Derek,' taking the titular role of a mentally disabled nursing home worker. Naturally, advocate groups have taken aim at the acerbic comedian for making light of the challenged, but wouldn't you like to judge for yourself? Take a look at the trailer for Ricky Gervais' 'Derek' inside!

Ricky Gervais' new series 'Derek' may have already aired as a special in the UK, but American audiences are only now getting a taste of the drama's controversial lead performance. Set to debut on Netflix in the coming months, 'Derek' sees Gervais portraying a mentally handicapped nursing home worker, in a performance some have taken as "mocking."

From the show's official description:

Derek Noakes is a tender, innocent man whose love for his job and the people he cares for shines through. He’s 49, adores animals, Rolf Harris, Jesus, Deal or No Deal, Million Pound Drop, and Britain’s Got Talent – but his main hobby is autograph hunting. Derek works in a retirement home with his mate and landlord, Dougie.

Derek cares deeply for old people because they’re kind and funny and tell him stories about the olden days. Hannah is a care worker at the home and is Derek’s best friend. She’s smart, witty and hard-working, but unlucky in love, and, like Derek, always puts other people first.

Starring with Gervais' frequent comic partner Karl Pilkington, Gervais has attracted a number of critiques on the series, whose accuracy the comic publicly refutes. "Derek is a fictional character and is defined by his creator. Me," Gervais said in a previous interview. "If I say I don't mean him to be disabled then that’s it. A fictional doctor can't come along and prove me wrong. He's different. But then so are a lot of people. He's not the smartest tool in the box but he's cleverer than Father Dougal, and not as different as Mr. Bean. He's based on those people you meet who are on the margins of society. Nerds, loners, under achievers."

We've included the trailer below, but what say you? Has Gervais gone too far with 'Derek,' or will you tune in?

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