Five episodes into the seventh season of 'Dexter,' and things have certainly settled in an odd place.  Last night's "Swim Deep" seemed to put our main antagonist Isaak (Ray Stevenson) away for the moment, while Dexter himself grew even closer to the mysterious Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), but where is it all going?  Does Dexter want to put Hannah on his table for a kill, or just get her on his table period?  Find out in the newest clips!

Now that we've learned at least part of Hannah's dark secret, and Dexter's primary adversary of Isaak rests safely behind bars, our favorite Miami serial killer can finally turn his attention to other matters.  For instance, just what does Dexter want to do with Hannah?  She certainly fits his "killers who fall through the cracks" motif that even Deb okays, but with the way he follows her in the latest clip, it looks like Dexter wants to get her blood pumping in an entirely different way.

It seems Quinn may be in even more trouble than Hannah however, having accepted George's bribe in last night's "Swim Deep."  Is there any way the fallen detective can come back from his latest low, or will the current season of 'Dexter' end with him in a body bag as well?

Check out the latest clips from next week's "Do the Wrong Thing," and let us know what you think of the new season of 'Dexter' in the comments!