Last night's fairly underwhelming 'Dexter' installment, "A Little Reflection," at least teased a dramatic road ahead for the final six episodes of the season, with Dexter's new protege Zach Hamilton (Sam Underwood) on board, and a shocking return for Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski). Before Dexter and Hannah can truly tangle again, however, let's see how last night's cliffhanger plays out in two new clips from "Dress Code"!

The first look (via TVLine) sees Deb picking up Dexter by the roadside, having been dropped off by Hannah for an unknown purpose. Deb may have gotten on board with Dexter's dark passenger in recent weeks, but McKay's return no doubt brings out some difficult-to-process emotions for the ever-slippery slope of Deb's moral compass. Could Deb be the one to finally pull the trigger this time?

Meanwhile, Dexter has his burgeoning "intern" Zach to think about, though the boy's bloodlust has clearly been stewing much longer than that of Dexter in his own training with Harrison. We're on board with the idea of Dexter having a "spiritual son" of sorts, but will Dexter really be able to corral the boy, given the X factor of Dr. Vogel's presence?

While we wait for the second half of the season, check out the latest clips from next Sunday's "Dress Code," and give us your predictions in the comments!