We certainly enjoyed Sunday's 'Dexter' season eight premiere "A Beautiful Day," but even with the final season debuting ahead of its usual September airdate, why should fans wait any longer to kick off the final year? Showtime has made 'Dexter''s full season eight premiere available online for fans to enjoy!

Of course, like Showtime tends to do in releasing premieres online, most of the naughty bits have been shaved down and censored to entice viewers into springing for the full service. 'Dexter''s final season will get assuredly bloody, so you'd do well to check out the full experience -- take it from us!

In any case, the final season premiere of 'Dexter' introduces some fascinating new threads to follow, specifically Deb's continued spiral in the wake of LaGuerta's murder, and a mysterious new figure with unfathomable ties to Dexter's past. It all makes us wonder: how will our serial-killing hero close out the final year -- behind bars, or perhaps on the table himself?

"Dexter’ season eight features appearances from Kenny Johnson (‘The Shield’), ‘24‘ villain Julian Sands as a wealthy international businessman, Bethany Joy Lenz (‘One Tree Hill’) as Dexter’s new neighbor Cassie and ‘Last Resort‘ star Darri Ingolfsson as her antique-dealing love interest, Rhys Coiro (Entourage) as a bail-jumper on Deb’s radar, ‘The Walking Dead‘ star Nick Gomez as a hitman that goes up against Deb, Charlotte Rampling as "psychopath whisperer" and neuropsychiatrist Dr. Evelyn Vogel, and ‘The Boondock Saints’ star Sean Patrick Flanery as ex-cop-turned-private-eye Jacob Elway, Deb’s new employer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out the 'Dexter' season eight premiere above, and tell us what you thought of "A Beautiful Day" below!

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