'Dexter' certainly burned through quite a bit of story last night, and that's not even counting the introduction of the mysterious "phantom arsonist" that has seemingly arisen as a new villain.  But with everything else that went down in "Helter Skelter," where could the season possibly be headed in its final three episodes?  Will Dexter manage to develop his relationship with Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), or will the arsonist strike again?  Check out the latest clips from "The Dark...Whatever" to find out!

Isaak Sirko is dead.  Long live Isaak Sirko.  Dexter's prime antagonist this season may have fallen by the wayside (early) with last night's "Helter Skelter," but the threat is far from over.  Not only does Dexter have LaGuerta on his trail, and a new "phantom arsonist" to contend with, but Deb is still none-too-pleased with her brother's ongoing relationship with Hannah McKay!

The dynamic makes work pretty tense, as seen in the first clip below, but is Dexter's relationship with Hannah souring as well?  Can she truly understand Dexter's "dark passenger," or is she a different type of killer altogether?  With only three episodes left in the season, the sparks are bound to fly, both literally and figuratively.

Check out the latest clips from Sunday's all-new 'Dexter' episode "The Dark...Whatever" below, and give us your season 7 predictions in the comments!