Ever the haven of misguided rumors and nonsense tweets, the internet sent Dexter fans into a blood frenzy over the weekend with suggestions that the series might return as a Showtime revival, but consider this lumberjack’s tall tale officially debunked. Showtime may one day call Dexter out of retirement, but it is not this day.

The shenanigans started when an innocent holiday tweet from the official Dexter account captioned a Thanksgiving photo “His knife’s freshly sharpened,” which multiple sites erroneously took as an implication of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s return. An Inquisitr report even cited older ScreenCrush articles twice (sorry, everyone!), though The Hollywood Reporter officially confirmed with Showtime that no such Dexter revival has been planned, despite the tweet.

Perhaps fueling the thought, Showtime boss David Nevins previously addressed TCA press tour questions of a Dexter revival by saying:

‘Dexter’ is the one show that I would think about [continuing]. It’s a question of when the timing is right. If there’s a willingness to do it, I would certainly listen. Certainly I’d look at ‘Dexter.’

Nevins had also previously commented that any future Dexter would require the participation of Michael C. Hall (and likely Jennifer Carpenter, who remains tied to CBS’ Limitless), saying:

It would have to involve Michael. I would only do it with Michael … It remains to be seen if they’re going to want to do it, if I’m going to want to do it. They never felt like killing Dexter is the right end. I think that show is that character. If we were to do it, I would want to do Dexter in a new concept and configuration. I would want the show to feel different and not just be a continuation of the old show.

The current crop of TV revivals certainly doesn’t rule out future Dexter down the line, but thankfully, the character’s lumberjack isolation hasn’t abated just yet. Sleep in fear, everyone!

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