Just two episodes into its seventh season, and 'Dexter' has already won back quite a bit of good will from critics and viewers alike. The big change to the status quo that began in last year's season finale "This Is The Way The World Ends" has already changed quite a bit for our favorite serial killer, but is Dexter due for a relapse? Is there such a thing as controlling the Dark Passenger, or as the latest clips from episode 3 "Buck the System" reveal, will he inevitably lash out?

Dexter and Deb have been through quite a bit in the last six years, let alone in the last two episodes, but will their latest conflict boil over? Sure, Deb learning the full extent of her brother's murderous tendencies and talking him down from killing Louis in last night's "Sunshine and Frosty Swirl" were a big deal, but can it truly last?

We'll find out next Sunday, as Deb's "serial killer rehab" program of keeping her brother under constant watch is put to the test, and may cause more bloodshed than ever. In the newest clip from next Sunday's "Buck the System," Deb attempts to console her brother after a tense moment, as the pair are left wondering if Harry's efforts to channel Dexter's murderous impulses were right after all.

Check out the new clip from "Buck the System" below, as well as the introduction of Yvonne Strahovski's character Hannah from HuffPostTV, and tell us what you think in the comments!