For as much as 'Dexter' fans have enjoyed the creative uptick and resurgence in popularity the serial killer show has garnered in its seventh season, few would argue that the series has gotten a bit long in the tooth. Showtime and all involved have previously expressed a desire to end the series after next year's eighth season, but could 'Dexter's' continual shattering of Showtime ratings records give the show another year beyond?

The consensus among 'Dexter' fans and critics alike seems to be that the show's seventh season has had a notable burst of energy and overall quality, likely owing to the long-awaited decision to bring Deb in on her brother's secret. That improvement is certainly reflected in the show's ratings, with which this past Sunday's penultimate episode "Do You See What I See" once again shattered Showtime ratings records, delivering 2.6 million viewers and 3.1 million with repeats taken into account.

Back before 'Dexter' season 7 premiered, executive producer Sara Cottleton seemed rather explicit in her intention for the long-running Michael C. Hall show to wrap up after an eighth season, but the recent ratings upturns may peak Showtime's interest in milking at least another year. 'Dexter's' Sunday night partner 'Homeland' has been no slouch either, pulling in 2.4 million viewers with its own penultimate Sunday episode, but numbers that attractive might be too lucrative for Showtime to pass up an additional season of 'Dexter.'

Once the likely record-breaking numbers on next Sunday's 'Dexter' finale "Surprise, Motherf---er" come in, we'll see if any rumblings of a ninth season occur, but what say you? Does 'Dexter' have only one one more season in it, or would you like to see a ninth year?