We, like you, have tremendous bloodlust for 'Dexter' season 7 to arrive on our TVs.  Sure, September 30 is a long time to wait, and ample time for Showtime to slowly roll out new footage, posters, photos and details of 'Dexter's most difficult season yet, but why wait?  The latest official poster from 'Dexter' season 7 has arrived, and with it comes a reveal we guarantee you won't expect...

In advance of Comic-Con 2012, Showtime has unveiled our first official look at the promotional artwork for Dexter's seventh season, set to debut on Sunday, September 30, and it's...well, let's say it's spoiler-light.  After all, the moment of truth really has arrived, and we've yet to garner any real sense of how - SPOILER ALERT - Deb will react to the news that her brother has maintained a dual-life as a serial killer for a number of years.  Judging by all the castings and crazy happenings to come, we're guessing that he doesn't head to the slammer just yet.

In addition to the recent major casting of ‘Chuck‘ star Yvonne Strahovski as “Hannah McKay,” a woman with a dangerous past who finds herself embroiled with Miami Metro, ‘Dexter’ season 7 boasts some impressive talent, including ‘Luck‘ star Jason Gedrick  as an owner of a gentleman’s club, one which frequently plays host to fellow-cast (and likely major villain) Ray Stevenson, a “high-ranking member of an Eastern European crime ring who arrives in Miami determined to learn who killed one of his associates.”

Check out the poster for 'Dexter' season 7 below, and tell us what you think!  How do you think Deb will react in 'The Moment of Truth?"

Dexter Season 7 Poster

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