Ever since the big change to the status quo in 'Dexter' season 7, the series has had a spark back that we've not seen since the fourth season. Can Sunday's all-new 'Dexter' episode "Swim Deep" keep that train rolling now that Deb seems to have at least part-way accepted her brother's dark nature? With the dust settled, is it time to get in deep with new characters Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) and Isaak (Ray Stevenson)? From the latest clips, things are heating up in both good ways and bad!

As Deb put it in the latest 'Dexter' episode "Run," she'll never be able to view her brother the same way, now that she knows about his murderous secret. That doesn't mean, however, that she needs to fight him on it every week! The latest clips from 'Dexter' season 7 episode 5 "Swim Deep" seem to highlight a bit of a shift in storytelling, as Dexter learns more about the mysterious Hannah McKay, while coming into direct conflict with the imposing crime boss Isaak.

In the first clip, Dexter uses his killer intuition to figure out a dark secret of Hannah's (doing a bit of flirtatious bonding while he's at it), while the second sees him going toe to toe (or at least phone to phone) with Ray Stevenson's imposing gangster Isaak. Will Dexter be able to stop the bad guy and get the girl?

Check out the new clips from Sunday's all-new 'Dexter' episode "Swim Deep" below, and tell us what you think in the comments!