'Dexter's final season is officially final. It's officially official! Yes, at long last, Showtime has definitively confirmed that the upcoming year for everyone's favorite serial killer will indeed be the last, bringing an end to the eight-year series staring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. To commemorate the news, Showtime has even released a full-length clip form the new season featuring a crazed Deb, so what are you waiting for? Preview 'Dexter's final season inside!

'Dexter' fans, you just hit the mother-lode. Not only has the new season premiering June 30 on Showtime officially been confirmed as the last, but the network has released a brand-new clip from the new season featuring Dexter and Deb at each other's throats! Sad news for some to be sure, but a relief for those hoping 'Dexter' season 8 would prove a fitting goodbye.

The news of 'Dexter's final season comes after months of speculation, even after Showtime's parent company CEO Les Moonves essentially confirmed the end of the series. Entertainment Weekly first broke the news, as Michael C. Hall reacted to the news saying:

I’ve been an advocate for having a dialog with the writers and getting a sense of how to best bring this story home — not wrap everything up with a tidy bow, but find some sort of conclusion.There has to be an end game. Once Deb found out, it felt like we were moving toward a place where the world as Dexter knew it would end.

Elsewhere, ‘Dexter’ season 8 will feature appearances from ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Bethany Joy Lenz as Dexter’s new neighbor Cassie, ‘Last Resort‘ star Darri Ingolfsson as her antique-dealing paramour, ‘Entourage‘s’ Rhys Coiro as a bail jumper on Deb’s radar, ‘The Walking Dead‘ star Nick Gomez as a hitman that comes to tangle with Deb, Charlotte Rampling as criminal profiling neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Evelyn Vogel, and ‘The Boondock Saints’ star Sean Patrick Flanery as ex-cop turned private-eye Jacob Elroy, mentioned in the clip below.

What say you? Are you sad to hear that 'Dexter' season 8 will officially prove the last? Check out the tense new clip below, and tell us what you want to see from the final season premiering June 30!

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